Master's Plan

“And the Word of the Lord continued to increase.” Acts 6:7

You can download and review the survey summary here:

Master's Plan & Next Steps

The Master’s Plan Committee would first like to start with thanking everyone for the valuable information that you submitted for this survey. The overarching goal of this process is to gather the hopes, thoughts, and dreams of the Zion Lutheran Church & School community in order to further the Master’s Plan for how Zion Lutheran can best serve the Will of our Lord and God.

The results of this survey are but a first step in determining how we can all work together to bring the Master’s Plan to fruition here at Zion Lutheran Church & School. This allows us to know how to deepen our conversations and thoughts about what direction our collective efforts will now be focused in the years to come. The goal at this stage is now to help everyone familiarize themselves with the results of this survey in order to further inform thoughts and feedback as this process continues to bring forth the Master’s Plan.

As this process continues, we invite you to join us at these upcoming events:

April 29th & 30th - Saturday & Sunday Services:

Pastor Taylor will share a focus sermon to help guide our thoughts and minds to help serve God’s will and bring The Master’s Plan to fruition as we continue this process.

The Week of May 1st - 5th

Prayer vigils will be held throughout the week from 4-9 pm to focus our hearts and minds on God’s will in relation to The Master’s Plan.

A Day of Dialogue | Sunday May 7th | 12:30pm, Lunch to begin at 11:45am

A Day of Dialogue: Consultant Kurt Bickel will help lead our congregation members through a day of dialogue where the results of The Master’s Plan Survey will be discussed. The outcome of this day will be to identify the top priorities of ministry that can be provided to a land planner that can position those ministries on the property in a workable and effective way. Those plans will then come back to the congregation for further consideration and will eventually lead to a congregational vote on what projects to pursue. We invite everyone to join us here at Zion Lutheran to participate on this day starting at 12:30 pm (meeting will last approximately 3 ½ hours) with lunch starting at 11:45 am. Sloppy joes and drinks will be provided, and we ask that participants bring a side, salad, or dessert to share.