Master's Plan

“And the Word of the Lord continued to increase.” Acts 6:7

Zion Lutheran Master Plan Survey

Since 1853, the Word of the Lord has continued to increase here at Zion Lutheran Church & School. For nearly 170 years, God has grown and spread His Word among us and our community. Through the proclamation of the Gospel, fellowship with one another, and receiving God’s gifts of baptism and the Lord’s Supper, God’s Word continues to increase.God’s Word has been powerful and present in the ministry of Zion Lutheran School. The lives of children and families alike have been eternally blessed with the message of Christ crucified and Risen. The child care is a source of care and love for our youngest students. Zion’s exceptional pre-school prepares young minds for the next step as they learn about Jesus. The Day school, grades kindergarten through 8th , is a Christ centered place of learning and growing. In the early days of this church, Zion was given 10 acres in which to be a light to our community. Today, by God’s grace, we have over 80 acres!

How will God utilize this additional land for His glory?

What would the Lord have us do in reaching out to our community in the coming years?

How do we use our resources to impact people for Christ and make heaven bigger?

We want to invite you to join us in prayer as we look to the Lord and His plan moving forward. Our church leadership has developed a survey that will ask for your ideas and thoughts to help us realize what the Master’s plan is for Zion. Please complete the survey below: