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Zion Lutheran offers extracurricular activities and teams at various times. Students enrolled at Zion Lutheran School, who meet the necessary requirements, are welcome to participate.


Boys & Girls Teams for Grades 5th - 8th (Winter Sport)

Our basketball program offers competitive play for grades 5 through 8. We have Junior Varsity (JV) and Varsity teams that compete during the winter season, providing opportunities for skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


Girls Team for Grades 5th - 8th
(Fall Sport)

Volleyball at Zion Lutheran School is a fall sport available to girls in grades 5 through 8. We field both Junior Varsity (JV) and Varsity teams, focusing on building fundamental skills, fostering teamwork, and promoting a love for the game.


Co-Ed Team for Grades 5th - 8th
(Fall Sport)

Our soccer program is a co-ed team for students in grades 5 through 8, competing in the fall. This inclusive sport encourages physical fitness, teamwork, and strategic thinking, offering a fun and competitive environment for all participants.


Individual & Team Events for Grades 5-8
(Spring Sport)

Track and Field is a dynamic spring sport for students in grades 5 through 8. Athletes can compete both individually and as part of a team, participating in a variety of events that challenge their speed, strength, and endurance.


Seasonal Sport for Girls in Grades 5-8
Camp offered during school year.

Cheerleading at Zion Lutheran School is open to students in grades 5 through 8. Our cheerleaders not only support our basketball teams during the winter season but also participate in a camp during the year, developing their skills and team spirit.

Junior Saints

We are partnered with Lutheran High School for Junior Saints Sports.

Are you looking for a competitive team for your child, without sacrificing your family's values? We welcome your family to our Junior Saints Athletics! At this time, we have the following youth programs to offer: Softball, Baseball, Football, & Wrestling.